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Find a dataset for Financial Licences in France


Your mission is to find lists of companies who are licensed by the official regulators in France.

When you find them, create a dataset to record what you've found.

We've got well over a hundred to find, so please do as many as you can!

Here's how we suggest you go about it:

  1. Start by clicking 'Accept this mission' on this page. Don't worry, you can always give up if you can't finish it.
  2. Check the links in the toolbox on the left. They might already have a link to the regulator you need.
  3. Try a search for "France financial licenses". You might get lucky first time, but if not...
  4. Find the website of the financial regulator for France. A search like "France financial regulator" may help. Look on their website for lists of licensees. If you're feeling dedicated, you might try to email them to enquire.
  5. You might need to translate key terms into the language of France. Google translate can help here - try this search, for example. Check wikipedia for the language of France if you're not sure.
  6. When you've found a list of companies that are licenced to do something (e.g. be a bank), click the big "Claim this mission" button above, and fill out the form you see there.
  7. If you find more than one financial dataset for France, you can click 'Save and add another' until you've got them all. When you're done, click 'Save and complete' to finish.
  8. If you can't find any datasets for France, you can always let someone else try by clicking the 'I give up' button on the next page.
Still not sure? Don't worry!

These tasks might look complicated, but don't be afraid to have a go. Submit what you've found and we'll check everything over.

Why are we doing this?

Which British companies are licensed as debt collectors in India? Which US state has the most pawn brokers?

OpenCorporates is trying to make the international corporate world more transparent. To answer questions about financial activities like these, we need data about financial licenses around the world. We link these licences to the company and display them at opencorporates.com (scroll to the bottom for an example).

As a real-world example, we know a lot about Banks because of the regulations we have in place already. Non-bank companies with financial licences form what's known as the "shadow economy". For example, companies like Ocwen in the US are responsible for more than $100 billion of mortgage loans. Gathering this kind of data helps businesses, regulators and citizens to know where they stand.

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