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Credit institutions and financial companies



This dataset contains the list of credit institutions and financial companies legally registered in Portugal. It was scraped from the website of the Bank of Portugal in the above mentioned URL

From the institution list we collected name, type, id and the URL for the individual detail page. From the detail page of each institution we collected the available additional data. These detail pages show information with various levels of completeness (for an extreme example of a detail page with no information see the detail for MONTY GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.A.U. : Detail pages also show duplicate information (for example, see the detail for BANCO ACTIVOBANK, SA, where related decisions and published accounts are duplicated:

The website from where the information was collected lists 10 institutions per page and uses a Javascript paginator to advance in the list. To work around the Javascript we wrote the scraper in Python using Selenium and PhantomJS -- I'm writing in the plural as Ricardo Lafuente (username: rlafuente) guided me through the process of writing my first scraper. If there is a way to work around the Javascript using turbot I'll glady re-write the scraper.

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